Next meeting: Monday 17 December 2018

If you are reading this, maybe you are looking for an open-minded discussion group for friendly, unbiased people.

 The 'Croydon' group brings together people from South London, Croydon and North Surrey.
 Loosely affiliated to SOF, we have members from varied backgrounds and attitudes with regard to religion and life stances.

 We  like new members and anyone interested is welcome to join or to try us out. We normally meet monthly in each other's homes over tea/coffee, although twice a year we have a bring and share lunch.

 In part of our meeting we usually discuss a book we are reading. Currently this is John Gray's  'Seven Kinds of Atheism', a brilliantly written small book beginning with the startling line "Contemporary atheism is a flight from a godless world".

  The convener is Colin Edgerton. You can contact him at colin.edgerton@ntlworld.com or 01737 211028.

Next meeting:

Monday, 17 December 2018:     Christmas Party at Julian and Ann's house.