Friday 24th July 2015 Meeting 10.00am

Friday 24th July 2015 Meeting 10.00am

Our last meeting was on Friday 19 June at Bennie’s house in South Croydon. We continued our study of ‘Reimagining God’ by LLoyd Geering and looked at Chapters 9 and 10, ‘Science and the Judeo-Christian Tradition’ and ‘Idolatry in the Church’-pages 131 to 168.

Our next meeting is Friday 24 July at Colin Edgerton's house in Chipstead.
Chapter 11, 'Ethics Without God' and chapter 12, 'Christianity without Christ' are the next two chapters of Lloyd Geering's book we will discuss.

Our Summer Lunch is on Thursday 27 August at Julian and Ann’s house.

Phone Colin for more details: